Thursday, February 03, 2011

LMB Cardi Take 2

Gosh, thanks for all the wonderful comments. I appreciate that I still have readers, tho like I have always told myself, I write on my blog to keep track of what I do (but sweet comments are icing on the cake!). It's fun to look back and see what I've accomplished as well as see how my skills have improved.

Another way I keep track of sewing projects is in my sewing journal. It's just a spiral notebook where I write about all my sewing projects. Do any of you do this too? In my notebook I write a few lines which include:
  • the date I finished the item

  • pattern used

  • view made

  • size used

  • alterations made

  • type of fabric used

  • amount of fabric used

  • how I liked the item

  • any other pertinent information I'd like to remember

My notebook really helps me keep track of things I sew and I often refer back to it. It's fun to calculate up how much yardage I sew in a year too. :-)

So a few weeks ago I was reorganizing my sewing stash one rainy Saturday afternoon and stumbled upon some black and white rib knit. I purchased it several years ago from a local indy store that was closing and had about 1/2 yard left. I immediately thought another LMB cardi would be perfect to use it up. With careful cutting I was able to get all the pieces I needed cut with some leftover to make matching double cuffs on the sleeves.

I originally made a size 40 nearly a year ago. LMB sizing is different than Burda and according to their size chart I should make a 38 in tops, but this particular one started at 40 so that is what I made. The other one was kind of big and not something I gravitate towards wearing in my closet. I think I don't like how floppy the rayon jersey is compared to the ribbing. So this time I decided I'd grade down to a 38 and use some poly/rayon/lycra ponte knit from Joann's for the base fabric. I made a 1/2" broad back alteration too to ensure I had enough room across the back. Ultimately I should have made a 40 again because the PRL doesn't stretch as much as the rayon jersey and it's a little tight in the arms when wearing it with anything that has sleeves. Hind sight is always 20/20, so now I know for next time. It doesn't really matter because I will still wear it, it just has to be with a sleeveless top under.

I also added a button this time and really like having a closure on it as well. In the picture we're going to church, but when I got home I put on some jeans and it looks so cute with it. I am always chilly so it's nice to have other pieces besides my usual Jalie hoodie. I also had enough fabric left over to make matching double ruffle sleeve cuffs. I thought this tied the cardi together better because the ribbing is a contrast compared to the base fabric. I'm very happy with how they turned out, but do wish I would have another 1/2" because they feel a little on the short side to me. I finished all the edges of ribbing with black woolly nylon thread by lettucing (is that even a word) on my serger.


Lori said...

great cardigan, the way you used the stripe knit is fantastic. Where did you buy that magazine?

Michelle said...

Very cute Melissa. I also want to know where you get the La Mia Boutique magazine?

Bonnie O. said...

Adorable cardigan! I like having comfy but cute clothes to lounge in at home as an alternative to the sweats I usually wear when I get home from work!

BConky said...

Really cute cardigan. I love the long one on your last post. Glad you're back.

KarenP said...

I love it! Great use of the black and white rib knit.

glorm said...

Cute cardigan.

I also keep a notebook of my sewn items. This may be in "other pertinent information" section, but include what further adjustments to the pattern are to be made in case you make it again. Sometimes I note the brand and color # of the thread if it's not common so I won't have to spend a lot of time deciding which one I used in case of a thread malfunction at some point.

Leanne said...


Long time no see....or talk.....or blog!!!

I'm so happy to know you're doing well, and you still check in occasionally.

I envy you! I simply love everything you've made, and it is all so professional looking! It's a talent from the Lord to be able to make whatever you want to wear. You do a good job.

(I'm typing this with one hand while nursing Pennie!)

Thanks for your best wishes!!

Sew-4-Fun said...

Nice cardi! I love the combination of farbics. Very creative!

Lynneb said...

absolutely adorable cardi! So curious about the magazine!