Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Bye Summer?

I'm going to spare the apologies for not staying up to date on my blog. I write when I feel compelled to share and as time permits and apparently neither of the two have lined up for quite some time.

While summer is officially over on Friday (boo hoo), we typically have later summers in the Pacific NW with gorgeous weather well into October. The perpetual joke around my area is that summer never starts until July 5th. Independence Day weather is always iffy and we can have gorgeous spring days, but lots of rainy spring days here too. It's definitely different than other parts of the country, but it's where I've always lived and I'm used to it. Since summer is so short here (at least I think it is when you hear about the long summers of the south), I really didn't sew much summer wear this year. I had high ambitions, but family, friends, & camping seemed to take over in rank. Plus we took a three week road trip in May that took us as far east as Colorado, so that pretty much took a whole month away for any sewing.

Looking back at my sewing journal, I have sewn 43 yards so far this year. Not too bad, but why does it seem for every yard I sew, I want to buy five more? Am I the only one? Please say it aint so! I'm not sure why I get so ambitious in the buying department, Lord knows I can sew faster in my head than in reality so I guess that is why!

I got two UFO's finished up in July. One was a blouse from Butterick 5025 and the other was a skirt from My Image magazine Spring/Summer 2011. I'm pleased with both garments. I have worn the blouse a few times, but feel like it needs to be a smidge longer to wear with jeans and the skirt is a fabulous staple in my closet for year round dressing. Here is the completed ensemble.

I need to take some photos of a few of the things I've sewn lately and share them. One of my favorites is Kwik Sew 3740, a cowl neck top. It's super cute and I think it just replaced my old stand by of Burda 10-2005-114. This is the envelope of the Kwik Sew pattern. And true to Kwik Sew, it's was definitely quick (and easy) to sew. I made two!

So are you ready for fall and fall sewing? I haven't made a plan of attack for sewing and I'm not sure if I will. I really want to make a nice wool coat and since I have several cuts of Vera Wang wool coating from (hmm, was that fall 2009 that they had the big bonanza there?), I don't have much of an excuse not to get one made. Share with me your fall sewing plans, I'd love some inspiration!


Lori said...

Cute outfit, Melissa. We are in the transition period here. One day 80 the next 60, I should be sewing but not very motivated to do so.

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

Hey, I sew faster in my head, too! You're definitely not alone. Great job on the outfit! I just wrapped up my summer sewing too. This week I'm working on hoodies for the kids.

BConky said...

It aint so. I wish I could sew as fast as I buy material. I'll tell myself I won't buy anything unless I really need and ten minutes later I'll need lots of fabric. Oh well what can you say I just love love love fabric.

Jane M said...

Buying fabric is so much fun for me because each piece has th potential to become so many things. Having to commit to a specific project, that's a different challenge. Great outfit that looks so good on you.

Amy M in Indiana said...

great outfit --really love the skirt!
i can't stand the idea of summer being over. I haven't sewn something for myself in who knows how long. just busy doing other stuff. but I have a closet of fabric just calling my name!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Oh man, I totally buy 5 yards for every yard I sew. Maybe not 5, but more than 1. Love the red blouse! It's so great. Jeans are a conundrum with top length. Tops that go with skirts are too short for jeans, but jeans-length tops are a tad too long for skirts. I found some Levis (512s) that have an almost belly-button high waist; I am looking forward to experimenting with top lengths for them.

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