Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day & Swimming Trunks

First off, Happy Memorial Day to all! And my most sincere *thank you* goes out to all the members of the armed forces who have served our country in the past and the present. Your dedication to our country is most appreciated!

In sewing news, I'm working on swimming trunks for my youngest two boys. I picked up Kwik Sew 3430 the other day and some Supplex (nylon) fabric at my local independent fabric store. Her selection of colors were limited, so I had to make due with a few drab choices (one wanted orange - no such luck!). I finished the first pair (a picture will come shortly) and it turned out well, tho I did make some modifications to the pattern (ie no pockets - those just seem to balloon up in the water, omitted the mock fly, and inserted the elastic using my own method because their method was like wresting an alligator!). On the first pair I did a little color blocking, but that proved to be a pain so I am just making solid colored ones for now - both boys will have 2 pairs when I'm finished. DH was very impressed and thought they looked like RTW - they even have the white netted undies on the inside. All in all, I'm happy with this pattern, I just really am into making swimming trunks right now. I have stuff I want to sew for me, but the hot weather is coming this week and I hope to take the kids to the river so they need some new swim trunks desperately.

I did hit Joann's yesterday and grabbed a few patterns - dresses for me, I'll share those as I get to them.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ribbon Board Is Complete!

Here it is, my ribbon board in all it's glory! I really think it looks nicer in person - the ribbons aren't so shiny, but atlas I'm not a photographer so this is the best picture I got.

I found the ribbon at Michael's - thank you sis for the suggestion! After I got the ribbon, it was back to Joann's for the buttons (24 to be exact) - thankfully they are very close to each other. Once home, I stapled on the remaining ribbons on and hot glued the buttons on to each "X" - and just like that, a ribbon board. DH used his air nailer and hung it up for me and now it's all decorated with sweet kid pictures. I love it!

Later today (or maybe tomorrow), I plan to go back to Joann's and tackle the .99 Simplicity Memorial Day sale. I have one pattern I'd like for sure, but would like to browse the book there because I find it so much easier than looking online. I'll post my findings!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Easy Ice Cream Dessert

Yesterday three friends and their children came over for an evening visit. I've known these gals all my life and we try our best to get together regularly even tho we all don't live in the same town anymore. Between us we have 11 children and thankfully they all get along well and enjoy playing together.

We had a simple meal of sandwiches, chips, potato salad, and a yummy dessert I made from the most recent issue of Kraft Food & Family Magazine called Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake ~ talk about delish and super easy! It was a hit with the ladies and definitely something I'd make again. For an added touch, I sprinkled crushed Oreo cookies on the top before I froze it. I also think it would be just as tasty if you just spread plain Cool Whip between the ice cream sandwhich layers instead of the fudge mixture. I got DH's approval too, but what's not to love about the combo of chocolate and vanilla????

I didn't finish my ribbon board yet. Went to both Joann's & Wal-Mart looking for the ribbon and found none. My sister suggested I try Michael's, so I will go there when I'm out on errands today and hopefully find a match.

As much as Wal-Mart drives me bonkers, I did happen to see a black slinky there on the bargain table for $1/yd. I took the rest of the bolt and hopefully it will wash up nice. My ex-step-brother (can you follow that?) is getting married in July, and I found the perfect dress to make using the fabric. It's an evening wedding and at the country club, so I want to look swanky. Here is the pattern I have in mind, but will wait until the pattern goes on sale, hopefully within the next few weeks. It's Vogue 8368 ~ I will make view A (the red version).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's Try This Again...

Well as much as I really wanted to enter the world of Blogging, I just didn't have enough drive to keep it up apparently. I have several blogs I like to read regularly, so I made a decision that I would try this again. Even if no one ever reads this, I still subscribe to the thought that I will enjoy looking back on what I've accomplished.

So what have I accomplished??? Well today I made a ribbon board to hang over my computer. I have so many cute pictures of my children, nephews, and friends' kids that I want to hang onto them and enjoy them, but my fridge is looking like a terrible mess with pictures hanging everywhere plus pretty artwork thanks to my children (how sad it will be when the day comes that they don't want to draw pictures for the refrigerator anymore). So I decided that a ribbon board would be the answer. The wall over my computer is bare, so it's the perfect spot since I can see them from the kitchen and enjoy them while I'm computing too.

To make the ribbon board, I started with a base of 1/4" plywood from DH's wood shop (it measures about 2' long by 3.5' wide ~ just a scrap that he had in there and the perfect size for the wall). I took some thin batting I had and covered the front of the plywood and stapled it to the back with my staple gun. Then I used a piece of fabric from my scrap box that had grape vines all over it (coordinates with my kitchen) and covered the front in the same manner as I did the batting and stapled it to the back. Once the wood was covered, I divided the board into sections and secured ribbon 1/4" ribbon across the board in a diagonal fashion (secured to the back via more staples). Unfortunately I have run out of ribbon, so I must make a run to Joann's later so I can finish the board. Once all the ribbons are secured, I will hot glue buttons onto the front where the ribbons intersect each each to cover the staples I used to secure each little "X". And just like that I will have a really cheap ribbon board! The cost of this baby will be the price of a spool of ribbon and maybe a package of buttons if I don't have enough in my stash. Pretty good considering Pottery Barn Kids wants $59 for one half the size! I will post a picture of mine as soon as it's finished.

In other news, my last post (albeit 9 months ago) was about my favorite financial expert Dave Ramsey. I'm so excited to say that we are almost DEBT FREE (except for our house which will hopefully be paid off fairly soon - maybe 5ish years from now)! We paid off my van a few weeks ago (it has never driven so good by the way! LOL) and will have DH's truck paid off before the end of June. Becoming debt free hasn't come without much sacrifice tho, but I can hardly wait until we only have a house payment and our regular utitlity payments every month ~ it will be so wonderful to have no consumer debt or automobile loans - woo hoo! :-)

I guess that is it for now. I have been busy sewing lately. I made my oldest son a new pair of jean from an Ottobre magazine and myself a knit top from New Look, a swirl skirt from Butterick, a twist top from Simplicity, and an awesome wrap dress from Burda World of Fashion. You can peek at my reviews at Pattern Review to see photos and detailed information about the garments.

Until next time!