Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Baby!

It's so hard for me to believe my "baby" is four today. Why does the time go by so fast? I hate it. Hate it! I am not ready for my children to be getting so big. Amazingly enough, they just aren't listening me to either and just keep growing as fast as weeds.

Here are a few pictures of the proud birthday boy this morning. He got to open a gift early that Auntie left for him. He was beyond elated about his new heavy hauler and that today he's finally *four* (he's been talking about his birthday for months and how he'd be four on June 25th).

Tonight we're celebrating his big day at none other than Chuck E. Cheese. Dad and I are the heroes of the day as we *never* go to CEC (if you've been there, you know why!). Happy Birthday Andy, I love you more than words can say.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Some new garments!

Happy First Day of Summer!!! Today is summer-like weather here in SW Washington (finally), tho tomorrow is bringing cooler weather and the possibility of rain - rats!

I've been so darn busy lately, but managed to squeeze in two things for me in the past week - yippee! First I made a new top for me last weekend from BWOF 02-2008-122. I decided to use a knit instead of a woven fabric (what the pattern suggested) and am pretty happy with the results. The top was super easy to make and because I used a knit I omitted the back zipper so it was even quicker. I did have some issues with the front gaping open, however I did neglect to interface the upper front and back pieces. As you know too, I'm not too well endowed, so that could have been part of the problem of it being too big in the upper chest. I fixed the issue by sewing some clear elastic on the seam line which I gently pulled to make a gather. Viola, all fixed! I forgot to take a picture of this fix during the construction process and now it's all enclosed, sorry! Also I brought up the back neckline as I knew I'd wear it more if I was more covered up and took 5" off the length. All in all, I'm pleased with how it turned out. Here is the review if you'd like to read more.

It has been so cool out the last few weeks that I'm having a hard time believing summer really is coming. I decided to make myself a new fleece hoodie to wear around the house. I used Kwik Sew 2993 and it was super easy! The best part is I used up some fleece that has been in my stash for eons (actually I used all of it because I had to recut some pieces due to the fleece being too lofty and the front pockets looking terrible - must faster to recut than rip stitches out). Because of the trouble I had with the pockets looking terrible, I decided I'd just omit them. When I tried my jacket on during construction, I decided that I really did need some pockets, so I opted for an inseam pocket. I felt so clever thinking of this solution on my own! lol I used a pattern piece from another pattern in my stash and it worked great! Here is the jacket review on PR.

And a close up of the inseam pocket.

And last, but no least, I finally wrote a review of a top I made for my daughter a few months ago. She seems to really like the top so that is good since she's creeping up on 11 and those 11 year olds can be so fickle! It's a Ottobre 04-2007-31 ~ my review.

Well I'm going to go enjoy some of that glorious sunshine we have. Hopefully I won't be so long between blog entries, but now that the kids are home, who knows how much sewing for myself I'm actually going to get done. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Everything In Black & White

I admit, I was a little worried I wouldn't get my mini wardrobe completed by the deadline for the contest sponsored by Pattern Review. I didn't publicly proclaim I was going to participate in the contest, instead I quietly worked on my set and kept my fingers crossed time would allow me to get it done in time. Yes it was only four pieces, but sometimes I can be very productive and other times I am not. This time I pulled it off with little time to spare - miracles never cease!

I made a story board for a visual of what my set entailed.

Here are the three combinations I came up with. The pieces are very versatile for me and are a great base in my closet.
This is a close up of the tank top I made. It's from Ottobre Woman 2-2007 and I love it! It's super simple to sew up and will definitely be making more of these for my closet. It has the perfect coverage too - no peek-a-boo bra straps! Here is my review on PR if you'd like to read more ~ review.

If you're interested in learning more about my storyboard and the patterns I used, you can see my contest entry review here.

If you haven't already checked out all the fabulous entries in the contest, you must do so right away! You can also vote for your favorite (that is if you can choose a favorite - there are so many great ones, it's hard!). Here is a direct link to the contest page.