Monday, August 06, 2007

I posted reviews (yes, I know about time!)...

Well I finally posted my reviews, can you believe it? See miracles do happen every day! First up we have a nightgown from Simplicity 3696 ~ so comfy and stylish!

Next up is a dress from Simplicity 3799 ~ this dress is shades of my late grandma, I just know she's love it (it's a wild & crazy print just like she always liked!).

And drumroll please, I finally got the reviews for my swimsuits up! I honestly can't believe I've posted myself in a swimsuit on the net - what am I thinking??? Look now before I change my mind and delete the pictures! LOL In the first pictures is the top from Kwik Sew 3063 and the skirted bottoms are from Kwik Sew 3330.

Then we have the same top from KS 3063 and the plain bottoms from Kwik Sew 3238 (this is the same pattern I was using that I was having lots of trouble with the top).

And last, but not least, we have Jack modeling a pair of his new pj's I made him ~ they are Kwik Sew 3234 (I made him three pair and he loves them - he's such a sweet boy!).

My next projects are most likly going to be school clothes. The kids start in about a month so I need to get cooking - thank goodness for Ottobre! The boys are in dire need of pants so that is probably where I'll start. Hattie does have stuff that fits here still so I'm trying to fill in the gaps and make things mix & match too. I still need to have the boys try on clothes and see where they stand on shirts. And then I'll work on stuff for Andy once the kids go back to school and it's just me & him. Busy busy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You've been busy! Now I'm off to read all your reviews on PR.