Thursday, August 23, 2007

A whole *latte* nothing going on!

Gosh I feel like I've been doing a whole lotta nothing lately (well at least nothing productive in the sewing department) - been having lots of fun tho! I did get a pair of pants sewn for my middle boy who is going to Kindergarten that are totally adorable. I will post a picture shortly ~ they are brown twill from Wally World on the $1 table and were made into the slim boy pants in the newest Ottobre magazine. He is so slim that I ended up using some adjustable elastic in the back waist. That elastic is the slickest thing ever and make the pants fit perfect! Other than that, I did make Hattie two capri leggings and one shirt, and I made myself a dress too. I need to get pictures taken and post reviews, hopefully that will happen soon.

We've had one of those go-go weeks and seems like we haven't been home much. We've been shopping (Miss Hattie got her ears pierced! Daddy finally gave in last Saturday and she looks so sweet!), play dates, and Daddy & I even got to go on a date night and went to the Parade of Home the next day (talk about feeling like you live in a cardboard box - it sure put a little fire under our butts to want to spruce up our digs!).

Now I'm not sure if this comes as any surprise, but I don't like coffee. I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but I have genuinely tried and in college I even forced myself to drink coffee at dinner hoping I'd come around to liking it - well it didn't work. So yesterday at my friend's house she offers me an iced coffee. I declined saying I just don't like coffee. She insisted that I try it tho saying she thought I'd like it, well low and behold she was right! She made the most wonderful drink and I just sucked it right down. So of course I had to get the recipe and promptly made myself a pitcher this afternoon. I'm afraid this could be dangerous, so hopefully I won't get too hooked on this stuff lest I want to balloon out and not fit into my clothes. I will share the recipe tho because it's pretty tasty (at least my girlfriends like it and so does hubby).

Ice Coffee Latte

1/3 cup instant coffee
1/2 cup boiling water
1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups cold water
4 cups chocolate milk

Mix instant coffee with boiling water until dissolved. Mix in the remaining ingredients and serve over ice. It makes a whole pitcher full so just store it in the fridge and enjoy it all day (or week long).

At the store today, I had to buy a can of sweetened condensed milk. To my shock it was $2.99 for a can, but they did have fat free so I got that to ease up on the guilt of making this yummy concoction. I did find in one of my recipe books a recipe for it which I'll try next time, it isn't fat free, but I'm sure it's lots cheaper to make. I'll have to check the other area stores to see if I can find it cheaper anywhere, one can is still cheaper than one Starbucks drink tho! LOL Here is the recipe for it I found for the milk, make it at your own risk tho as I haven't tried it before.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

2 cups instant nonfat dry milk
2 cups sugar
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup margarine, melted

Place ingredients in bowl. With hand blender, process until smoother. Refrigerate in covered container (mixture will thicken as it stands). One cup plus 2 tablespoons equality the 15 oz can most recipes require. Makes 3 cups.

As for what is up and coming, more school clothes. I need to kick it in high gear here since school starts in 1.5 weeks. The weather is supposed to be yucky again this weekend so I'm sure it will be the prime opportunity to crank out some goodies for the kiddos.

Oh and today I went to Joann's to pick up this gorgeous dress pattern Butterick 5079 ~ on sale for $1.99 of course! I have no need for this dress yet, but I just love it. Our 11th wedding anniversary is next Friday, so I guess I could try to whip it up for that, but I think we're going to go to the ocean for the day (without kids of course) and that isn't really beach attire so I probably won't. I think it would be the perfect dress for DH's work Christmas party - many months away tho! LOL

Until next time, happy homemaking, sewing, & latte drinking! :-)

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mermaids said...

coffee is great.....if you dump enough milk and sugar into it. :) i may have to mix a batch of your recipe. the hubski likes iced coffe, tho he could live w/o the calories of the condensed milk.

the production in my sewing room has been quite limited too. even tho school doesn't start until monday, the demands on my time started a couple weeks ago.