Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 Wrap Up

Well I had planned to put this up yesterday, but had trouble with my computer and then we lost power at 6:15 last night so it had to wait until this morning.

I was inspired by a few graphs I saw so I did a little tally of what I sewed in 2009. I have been keeping track of what I sew for a little over three years in a spiral notebook. It has come in handy so many times and it's also fun to look back and see what I've made.

In 2009, here is a breakdown of "who" I sewed for. As you can see, I wasn't in first place, instead it was all about the kids (go figure). The gifts were things I made for extended family members (ie not my own kiddos), mostly for Christmas gifts but some where birthday gifts and baby gifts too.

Here is the breakdown of pattern brand used. There are repeat patterns on here and KS is dominating because that is my go to PJ pattern. Also the "That Darn Kat" is the undies pattern I use for my youngest ~ you can see which ones in this post.

Another thing I notice is that I need to suck it up with my BWOF and Ottobre - seriously those magazines are expensive and if I'm not using them, then why the heck am I buying them? I have 5 years worth of BWOFs and 10 years worth of Ottobres - I should never be sewing anything else (or buying anything for that matter!). My Ottobre is up for renewal and I'm considering dropping it, but breaking up is so hard to do. I really look forward to getting the magazine, but with 10 years worth, can there really be something different and new making it worth the price each year? I still have a few weeks to ponder it. Have you had this struggle? If so, how did you decide?

Now on to my Christmas sewing. I sewed like crazy for the entire month of December and am so glad that is over. It was fun and a great idea, but it was so time consuming and overwhelming at times. A few of my favorite things I made are pictured below.

This is a pillow I made my sister. Why I like it so much is that she and my BIL acquired a business in 2008 called Acorn Uniforms in the Seattle area so it's rather fitting for them. It's a free pattern at YCMT if you want to make your own.

I also made three of these door hanging pillows to give as gifts. I wanted to make myself one, but ran out of time. I'm sure I'll make more of these, they are super easy and so cute. You can get this pattern free at YCMT too (can you see I have been using this site lately - it's really great!).

I always make the kids special pjs for Christmas Eve and really liked the prior year's matching snowman pjs. When I looked for matching fabric online this year, I didn't find anything that jumped out at me plus a lot of the Christmas knits were too girly. I really wanted to use fabric I had stashed and then it came to me - M&M pjs! My MIL collects all things M&M and all the kids have their "own" color so I decided to make them pjs in their M&M color! They were a hit and looked so cute IMO. I used this freezer paper stencil technique for the M's.

Up for 2010, not sure. I am not really a resolutions girl. I don't like making goals that I don't know if I'll keep. Heck, I have "to do" lists in my head each morning and most of the time I don't even get those all the way completed. I do know I really want to make myself a nice coat. I purchased some gorgeous wool coatings from in the fall so I have the supplies. I also want to make a trench with the Burberry fabric I purchased at PRW. Another pair or two of Jalie jeans are in order too. Lots of "wants" so I'll just keep plugging away and do my best while still enjoying my hobby. Oh and definitely using those BWOF (it will always be BWOF to me by the way) and Ottobre mags!

Wishing all my readers a healthy and happy 2010!


cidell said...

I love the M&M shirts! I don't struggle with the subscription. It's fun to get every month. And I always find something that I want to make But, I may well change my mind in another five years!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I love the m&m idea! How cute for pajamas or for Halloween! (or family reunions if your last name starts with 'm') I will feature this at Grab my 'featured" button. this should drive some traffic your way!

Teddylyn said...

Thanks for sharing the link and I LOVE the jammies! My grands would love them too--what a clever way to make a sort of neutral item look custom! Happy New Year!

Lynda in LV

Jacqui said...

How cute are those M&M pj's! Love them! It sure looks like you had another very productive year of sewing. Happy New Year!

Izzie said...

I'm definitely stealing your M&M idea to make shirts for my nephews Mike and Mark. Thanks for the link to the freezer paper tute!

BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

Adorable pyjamas! Oh, Ottobre... that's hard. At PR European Weekend someone gave away BWOFs, saying she gave away issues that are (4?) years old. I admire her mettle. Anyway, you will find the right thing to do, if you listen to yourself you'll know what's best. Happy sewing this year!

Madaline Jane said...

Your graphs were totally interesting and very cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

Shannon said...

Love the graphs! And the M&M shirts are adorable - now I want one! :)

Nishant said...

I want to make But, I may well change my mind in another five years

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Cindy May said...

it's totally an emotional attachment. just do it. financially and organizationally it is so freeing! you won't miss out. at least try for a year, then if you want it back, get it!

GeorgiaBE said...

Love the graphs! I swear I never sew for me anymore...maybe I should keep track of what I actually make. :)
Love the m&m shirts--I can see them on my 4 kiddos!