Friday, June 01, 2007

Swim Trunks are Finished & A Dress for Mama!

Nothing makes you feel better than getting a project off your table - well at least that is the case with me. I was so happy when the swim trunk sewing project was finished. Honestly, my heart just wasn't into it. I had other things I wanted to sew for me, but I knew the boys were going to need swimming trunks very soon. I'm glad I bit the bullet and got it over with. It didn't help that the fabric was a royal pain to work with (at least in my opinion). Oh well, all is forgotten now that the swimsuits are done. Above is a photo of a pair on my middle son and below is a close up of one of the patches I added to the leg to give it a more RTW appearance and then two more pairs (there is actually four total that I made). You can see a detailed review at Pattern Review.

Well mama really wanted a new dress and had picked up this pattern Simplicity 3867 at Joann's over the weekend when they were $.99. I saw a review on Pattern Review for this pattern done in a navy eyelet. It was just beautiful and I wanted one too. Well the eyelet was on sale at Joann's for $8.99/yd, but I just couldn't justify spending that much money (it takes three yards), when I wasn't sure how well I'd like the dress. Instead, I got some polyester silky fabric for $4.50/yd and make one to try it out. I really like the dress and think it turned out great. It's going to be a great piece to have in my closet on hot summer days. I posted a review of this dress on Pattern Review too!

So what's next you might wonder? Good question ~ stay tuned to find out!


Ariane said...

The dress is cute! I have that pattern too. Did the pleats make the tummy area stand out?

Melissa said...

Ariane, thank you for your sweet words! I don't feel like the dress looks too poofy on the tummy because of the fabric I used. It's a very fluid fabric so it lays down nicely. I was a bit worried that it might look like a maternity dress, but I am happy with the result ~ it's very appropriate for the current style. :-)