Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A New T-Shirt!

After feeling cruddy for days on end, I got a little bit of my mojo back today and decided to work on a top for me. It will be one of my pieces in the SWAP/Wardrobe Planning contest on Pattern Review. Now I have no idea if I can actually get all 11 garments made before the July 31st deadline (this is only item #2, item #1 was a light blue twist top), but I'm going to give it the 'ol college try. I really need some solid colored basics to go with the rest of my wardrobe. I often find cute prints and and will make a top or skirt, but then in the end, I don't have a lot of mix and match options. For the SWAP I plan to sew items that will go with the things I currently have in my closet, plus go with each other too. I have ideas of most of the things I will sew, but a few things are still up in the air.

Today's garment is a top from Simplicity 3759 made in white cotton/lycra knit fabric. The top turned out pretty good, my only dislike is I feel like the sleeves are a bit pointy. I think it more has to do with my shoulder/arm shape than the actual pattern (I have a forward shoulder and usually make an adjustment to the pattern to correct this fit for this, but a raglan sleeve is more forgiving and doesn't require this alteration). It's nothing major and will not keep me from wearing my new top. You can see a review I posted of this pattern on Pattern Review.


Vonn said...

Nice top Melissa!! The Raglan sleeves sit the same way for me too, even when it is a RTW top.I don't mind the look.
Perhaps a slightly tighter differential feed setting on your CoverPro would eliminate the pointiness.
Hope you and your family are on the mend now.

Eithne said...

this top looks great on you, really well done!Eithne

Anonymous said...

Oh I always love that top when I see it. It looks great on everyone, including you :) I have it on my long to-sew list so some day I'll get around to it.