Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back in the saddle again????

Well I think I'm finally getting over the hump of this darn cold. It's been 2.5 weeks now and it's just down right rediculous I'm still feeling not like myself. So this morning I decided to jump back in to work on the my Alice & Olivia jean-style skirt Vogue 2811 ~ I'm using a white twill fabric and making the longer version. I worked on this last week on a day I was feeling so-so and all went well until I got to the waistband. It was too big in the back thanks to my swayback, so I had to alter it. My alteration didn't go well, so I tossed it aside and headed for the couch. The other day I had a moment of ambition and decided to rip the waistband back off. Fast forward to today, I went in my sewing room to try the skirt on and see how I'd tackle the waistband. When I slipped the skirt on, oops, I forgot I cut the top off the zipper off when I sewed the waistband down and yes, you guessed it, I pulled the zipper pull right off the zipper - ugg! So now I need to decided if I'm going to try to salvage the skirt (it was looking so cute) and insert a new zipper or toss it in the trash. I hate stuff like this. I put lots of work into it, but if I don't get the waistband to sit right, then I'll be bummed I even plowed forth since it will just be wasted time. Zippers sure seem to be a problem for me lately too - the zipper I installed in the Simplicity sundress I made a few weeks ago proved to be faulty when DH was helping me unzip it the night I made it. I ended up having to use my seam ripper to get the zipper out so I could get the dress off - nice, huh? Thankfully Joann's exchanged the zipper, but I still need to put the zipper in the dress still. Darn zippers!!!

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