Saturday, June 23, 2007

Burning the midnight oil...

Yesterday was a busy day. My youngest son turns three on Monday and I really wanted to take him to get his pictures done yesterday while the older two were still in school (their last day is Monday). I figured it would be way easier to have two kids in tow rather that four so we headed to the "city" to JCPenney. We didn't have an appointment so I prayed the whole way there they could get us in pretty quickly. Fortunately we were about to get in about 1.5 hours after we arrived which worked out perfectly since I had some other things to do at the mall as well. And sweet Andy did a wonderful job getting his pictures taken, which was a huge relief since last year he was much less cooperative.

As I posted in one of my early posts, my family is working on becoming debt free after being inspired by Dave Ramsey. When we started last spring, we had some credit card debt, two auto loans, a small loan on our home equity line of credit, and a balance due on our new mattress which we purchased on a "one year same as cash" deal. As much as it seemed like it was going to be a very overwhelming task to pay all this off, we have really tried to keep our eyes on the prize and keep our budget in check. Well fast forward to yesterday and we are now almost entirely debt free (with the exception of our home which we hope to have paid off sooner than later). We just need to pay off our bed and that will be done next payday (in two weeks)!!!! I was very excited once our home equity line was paid off and our credit card debt, but I'm even more jazzed that we have no car payments anymore!!! Now if my lovely minivan will last me until my kids graduate from high school (I probably shouldn't hold my breath, but it is a 2005 so it should last right???).

So all this to bring me to the title of my post "burning the midnight oil". As we got ready for bed last night, the phone rang and it was DH's work calling him in because something was broken (he's a millwright at a newsprint mill owned by Weyerhaeuser). The beauty of his job is that he can get just about as much overtime as he wants, but the bad thing of signing up for weekend duty is the potential to be called into work in the middle of the night. So here I was home alone and I have a horrible time sleeping when DH isn't in the house. So I decided since he was going to work, so was I! Down to my sewing studio I went to work on my safari jacket. I don't feel like I got a lot accomplished, partly because I had to tidy things up a bit before I could start working on it, but I got a few uninterrupted hours of sewing time and now have the collar on and the sleeves ready to be set into the jacket. It's really close to being completed. So I sewed until shortly after midnight and listened to my Dave Ramsey podcasts to keep me motivated. Thankfully DH came home and saved me from myself, I really am a slow sewer in the wee hours of the morning and definitely needed to go to bed before I screwed something up.

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