Monday, October 10, 2011

PJ's and a winner!

I snuck in a little sewing time this afternoon. Homeschooling really puts a damper on my sewing time. However just like everything, it's a season. And honestly, it's a season that I really, truly love (most days anyway).

Yesterday, my pastor's sermon was on having margins in life. White space. Silence. Relaxation. Rest. All things I clearly don't have much of in my life as of late. Coincidentally, the night before while I was slaving away in the kitchen, I was complaining reflecting to my dear, sweet husband how much simpler life was five years ago. Even tho five years ago things seemed simpler, time always has a way of warping the truth and they were probably not much different.

In any event, today I made room for a little white space in my life and said heck with the dishes and cleaning. Instead I decided to sew a pair of pj's for my youngest that I cut out and embroidered back in August. I used my very favorite kids' pj pattern - Kwik Sew 2815, which is sadly out of print, but they do have a similar one available which is 3234.

Robot embroidery is from Designs by JuJu - just love her designs, they always stitch out so great!

Without further ado, the winner of the fabulous MyMemories software is comment #7 - Marie! Congratulations Marie, I will be emailing you!


Marie said...

It is so hard to rest and reflect when you are a mom! I am raising my last two girls and two years ago we took in four more children. To say the laundry is monumental is a joke. I have learned though that as the primary caregiver and teacher to all these young minds, we moms have to have some quiet time. Took me a long time to realize it. Even though the Lord made a day of rest I wasn't honoring it.When you work five days a week I felt I had to have that other day just to get caught up. The last several months i have not done the housework or laundry on Sundays. Guess what? The house is still standing and everyone still has clean clothes. For me I had to learn to nurture me . Take that time you need it. My oldest is twenty eight now and I wish I had learned a lot of these things when she was little. Thanks for the software drawing!

KarenP said...

Cute jammies! It's nice to get a cut out project finished and out of the sewing room.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Adorable robot! It is important to take time for yourself, but I'm not sure sewing for other people counts... The Selfish Seamstress may have something to say to you.

Ruth said...

I know exactly what you mean about the homeschooling putting a damper into your sewing time. At times I feel like I don't even know how to sew anymore, lol! The jammies are adorable, though.

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Trudy said...

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Trudy said...

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