Friday, September 19, 2008

I'd like to thank the academy...

or at least sweet Birgitte who nominated me for several blog awards. I'm flattered that anyone wants to read what I type. As I've mentioned prior, I started this blog as a way to record my sewing accomplishments as well as other little musings of my life.

The awards I received are the 1) Excellent Blog Award, 2) Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008, and 3) Premio al Esfuerzo Personal Award. Each award comes with different requirements to pass them on, but atlas I'm a party pooper because I have a hard time choosing and hate to hurt any one's feelings by them not being chosen. There are so many excellent blogs that I regularly read and enjoy. I appreciate the efforts my fellow bloggers put forth because I'm truly inspired and encouraged by what I read. Thank you for the awards Birgitte! :-)

No sewing going on here. For my youngest nephew, the term "party in my crib" is his motto at my house! Good grief that little boy was wired when it was time for bed last night. He was the last to sleep and the first one up (before 6am - hello little boy, my alarm doesn't even go off until 6am). He's napping as I type and will hopefully continue for at least another hour or better. I'm already exhausted and it's only 1pm my time.

My plan now is to relax while the littlest naps and the two older boys are outside playing. I am going to grab a stack of BWOFs, sit outside so I can supervise the mischief makers, and do a little window shopping for upcoming fall projects using stashed fabrics. As a bonus it would be great if they fit into the PR pattern stash contest too. :-)


inadvertent farmer said...

You're a celebrity! Don't celebrities have nannies and housekeepers? Just think how much great sewing you could get done with those!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wonder if you have the time to answer a question about the coverstitch machine you use? I looked for information in your archives but I didn't notice that topic. I am trying to be smart money wise, but I really want a coverstitch. Some people love the Babylock, but that can be pricey. Since you are a sewer, and frugal I think I remember that you have a slightly less glitzy coverstitch. I'd love to hear your honest opinion about it, does it do everything you need? Or do you secretly hate the darn machine and can't wait for the day you can upgrade to a cadillac?
Thanks in advance for the help, and if you can't get around to an answer, I understand -- life is busy.