Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Spring Break!

My kids have spring break this week and I'm busy trying to stash bust and make some spring/summer clothes for my daughter. Before I had been on the fence about sewing for her, but I had her pick out specific fabrics and pattern styles and so far so good as she has liked everything I made. I also made her a few new pairs of pj's over the weekend too and she loves them.

Anyway, that is just a little update in case anyone might be wondering since I have posted in a week. I know I still have to post a few reviews for tops I made recently that I promised last time. They are still on my "to do" list - note to self, I need to get myself a battery pack so I can go all night while the kids & hubby sleep! ;-)

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Rhoto said...

Hi Melissa!
The "kids" here in Montreal had their Spring break 2-3 weeks ago... And, we haven't had ANY sign of Spring yet!! ;)
Rhonda in Montreal