Thursday, September 06, 2007

My "baby" went to school....

Well technically he's not my "baby", but he's one of my babies and now he's in school too! He begged me to ride the bus to school today - he's being dying to ride the bus for as long as I can remember so I shouldn't be surprised. And it was probably easier for me to put him on the bus than to walk him to his Kindergarten room. As it was, I got a huge lump in my throat a shed a few tears. Thankfully I still have one left to love on during the day (or should I say one "messmaker" still around!). I know his first day of school will be great ~ he's in good hands as his teacher is a gem (actually all the kids have wonderful teachers this year so I can't complain at all).

Today really need to get another pair of pants done for Mr. Kindergarten. He has one lonely pair of brown pants he's already worn twice this week so I must get cracking today and get something else made. Thankfully he doesn't have school again until Monday so surely I can get a few pairs whipped out between now and then. The ones he's wearing in the picture are from the most recent kids Ottobre - I forget the number, but they are the ones for slim kids and they were actually still a little too big around for him so I put buttonhole elastic in the waist (what a nify invention!).

Here is a picture of the other two on the first day of school ~

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