Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane (and other ramblings)

That seems what my life has been like for the past week - moving at full speed. I finally got my camera and was able to get two reviews done today for pants I made Hattie. Last week my hubby & I celebrated our 11th anniversary so we took the day and went to the ocean alone (Grammie & Papa had the kids). It was a fun time and the weather was pretty nice for the Oregon Coast - overcast and high 60's. Then over the weekend we had miscellaneous stuff going on around the house plus it was Miss Hattie's 10th birthday. So to celebrate the big double digits, we had a fun family feast at Chuck E Cheese one night and then had a girls day the actual day of her birthday where the girls (two Grammies, Auntie, & Mommy) went to Build A Bear Workshop and then had a divine ladies lunch at the Olive Garden. I can't believe my little girl is already 10!!! :-( And in other *sad* news, I am sending another one off to Kindergarten tomorrow! :-( I will only have one at home and it's making me sad. I know after a few days it will be no big deal, but I know I will still miss them. So many parents are so eager to get their kids off on their own, but not me. I sometimes think about homeschooling them so I can enjoy them longer, however that task scares me a bit. At least now I'm not totally responsible for what the do and don't ingest and retain, but if I were to homeschool them it would be my fault if they didn't learn something. I just feel like they grow up fast anyway, why do I need to send them off to school and let someone else enjoy them too???? Okay, someone chime in now and say I'm insane to want to homeschool four children, pretty please??? LOL I can't tell you how much it is killing me my "baby" is 3 already too - I just hate it!!!!!

Well I guess I should talk about something that doesn't make me feel blue so how about the pants I made String Bean Girl. I used Ottobre 1/2004 #30 & #33 (both are basically the same, just #30 has some leg ruffles added - too cute too and Hattie loves them!). But, the best part of all is they fit her better than the $40+ jeans we were trying on at the mall. Even the slim pants didn't fit her because if they fit around, they were still too short. I took a leap of faith making such detailed pants without doing a trial run and was so happy it paid off. I made her the ruffle ones first and put my heart and soul into the embroidery and getting the ruffles just perfect. And because she is digging animal prints for some reason lately, I lined the pockets and did the inner waistband facing in a cute animal print cotton - she got a kick out of that. Since the first pair fit her so well, I went ahead and made her a denim pair too. Both reviews are on PR with pictures ~ jeans & ruffle pants. I have more to review, but those will have to wait for a bit as I need to get Mr. Kindergarten Boy a few more pairs of pants sewn so he has something to wear too.

Enough rambling for today, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

And just as you promised, the Ottobre Woman arrived in early Sept. I've got to try some of these and wonder if you have picked any out yet. I was trying to figure out which ones you'd probably sew as I looked through the magazine. Loved the yellow bow skirt, but not so sure about that bow on top of MY tummy. :-)

Off to check out your new pattern reviews.

Melissa said...

Shame on me for not evening mentioning Ottobre Woman in my whiny post today - oops! Yes, mine arrived on the 31st of August, so even before September!

I really like most everything in the magazine ~ my favorites being jacket #17, knit blouse #8 (the shorter version), skirt #3 (the same pattern for 4, 9, & 18 just different fabrics and design tweeks), #10 flared jeans, & #19 hoodie jacket. There are more things I like too, but those are my favs right now. And on top of it, my September Burda World of Fashion magazine came Saturday plus I went shopping and picked up a few patterns at Joann's as well. So I guess this means I need to get busy, huh? ;-)

stacy said...

I hear you on enjoying having your kids home - it's so quiet around her ow with Taylor in school... and it's been 3 1/2 weeks! Now off to check those new pattern reviews!