Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Givin' Ottobre a Workout!

Hot of the machine is my latest Ottobre creation! It is from the 4/2007 issue (Fall) and it's just cute as can be. What cracks me up is how much my son loves putting his hands in those cool circle pockets. The sweatshirt fleece was from Mill End Fabrics in Portland, OR (bought during my recent PDX shopping trip with PR ladies), the lining fabric was a Gymboree knit blanket I bought to cut up and use as fabric, and the ribbing was from my local indy store (which may be going out of business - ugg!). I posted a review and more pictures on Pattern Review.

Next up is a pair of slim fitting jeans for my middle son. This is actually my second pair, the first pair I used brown twill and he loves those equally as well. The pattern is also from the fall issue of Ottobre #27. I even embroidered a parrot on his back pocket (he thought that was too cool) and used red Jeans Stitch thread for the top stitching. Review is posted on Pattern Review too!

Embroidery is from Designs By JuJu. I highly recommend her designs. They always stitch out beautifully, tho this one I had a little trouble with, but that was my fault not hooping the fabric well enough. Then lastly, I've been doing a little "McSewing" as the ladies on the Ottobre Yahoo group have been calling batch sewingt. DD needed some long sleeve t-shirts, so I tried to whip one up in colors that went with other things in her wardrobe. Some plain, some with embroidery (all from JuJu) - she loves them all (or so she says). The pattern is #16 from 1/2003 (for both the regular & the crossover style). I posted a review for this pattern before on PR so I didn't rereview it, didn't seem necessary. I also made her a plain white shirt and used my "Gemagic" (like the Bedazzler) to make a heart on the chest - I think that was the favorite top!

That is all for now, back to the sewing room I go. I have two more projects cut out, but I might deviate a little because my SIL's birthday is Sunday and we're going out to dinner at the Olive Garden so I thought it would be nice for Moi to have a new outfit to wear. :-)

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Frank said...

Geez, you are prolific! I'm envious...

All beautiful creations!