Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tank Tops and such

Bad things come in threes, right? Well I think I've had my "threes" for now. First was my swimsuit fiasco. I still don't have a wearable top and our vacation is next week! Hopefully my pattern will arrive today so I can work it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it fits and I like it.

My next thing in a group of bad threes is my Burda Knotted Tank top (picture above). I had read several good reviews about this top and decided to give it a try. It is cute and wearable, but I'm just not too sure it's my favorite. I am going to have to wear a cami under it or make a modesty panel for it. I posted a review on PR if you're so inclined to know more about why this top didn't work out so well for me.

My next (and hopefully last) bad "three" item is the banded tank top from the June issue of Burda WOF. The moment I saw this top I loved it except for the fact it had a "peep hole" under the gathered bust band. I figured that would be simple enough to fix since the band wasn't part of the actual tank top, but an overlay piece. Well I did pretty good, but the tank top needed to be a bit higher in the front scoop to keep my bra covered. I guess I should get an "A" for trying tho and DH said the white looked like I was wear my bra on the outside of my body! LOL I also posted a review of this pattern as well.

I guess we can't have perfect garments every time we sew. I have been on a run of good garments, so it was probably high time I did have some wadders. Oh well, I'm just thankful it wasn't in a favorite fabric and just good ole white cotton/lycra jersey.

On a good note, the other night I made a tee from the 2/07 issue of Ottobre Woman which turned out well. I still need to post a review of and hopefully I'll get that done in the new few days. It is a cute top and a good pattern ~ I've had much success with the garments I've sew from both Ottobre and Ottobre Woman - I love both sooooo much!

Lastly, I'm taking a class on Pattern Review called making a pants muslin. It's a fitting class and so that is taking up part of my sewing time. I think it might have been a poor decision for me to take this class during summer break because of all the other stuff that is going on with the kids home, but I made the commitment and paid for the class, so I must go forth. Hopefully my persistence will pay off and I'll finally figure out how to get good fitting pants.

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