Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pictures of my "Baby"

I'm having a "mommy moment" and want to share the pictures I just got back of Andy from JCPenney. He's such a sweetie (well most of the time! LOL) and they captured his personality to perfectly.

The outfit is something I made. I love to be creative with the kids clothing, but I don't make too many really creative things anymore. The kids are so hard on their clothing and it just kills me when they only wear things once because I'm so afraid they'll ruin it so I just make a few extra extra special things now and again.

I got my Vogue dress all finished. It's in the dryer right now (thank goodness for poly/lycra blends ~ wash and wear is so nice!) because I got some deodorant on it during the fitting process. I will have DH take pictures of me and post them tomorrow along with a review on PR.

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Mary said...

What a little cutie! Great outfit, too.