Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ribbon Board Is Complete!

Here it is, my ribbon board in all it's glory! I really think it looks nicer in person - the ribbons aren't so shiny, but atlas I'm not a photographer so this is the best picture I got.

I found the ribbon at Michael's - thank you sis for the suggestion! After I got the ribbon, it was back to Joann's for the buttons (24 to be exact) - thankfully they are very close to each other. Once home, I stapled on the remaining ribbons on and hot glued the buttons on to each "X" - and just like that, a ribbon board. DH used his air nailer and hung it up for me and now it's all decorated with sweet kid pictures. I love it!

Later today (or maybe tomorrow), I plan to go back to Joann's and tackle the .99 Simplicity Memorial Day sale. I have one pattern I'd like for sure, but would like to browse the book there because I find it so much easier than looking online. I'll post my findings!

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midnight hysteria said...

just a quick, *late* question: did you use a pattern for this? if not, how did you do this?

thanks so much for any information; i would love to make one for my dgd ...
yakima,washington (just over the mts from you ...)