Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Let's Try This Again...

Well as much as I really wanted to enter the world of Blogging, I just didn't have enough drive to keep it up apparently. I have several blogs I like to read regularly, so I made a decision that I would try this again. Even if no one ever reads this, I still subscribe to the thought that I will enjoy looking back on what I've accomplished.

So what have I accomplished??? Well today I made a ribbon board to hang over my computer. I have so many cute pictures of my children, nephews, and friends' kids that I want to hang onto them and enjoy them, but my fridge is looking like a terrible mess with pictures hanging everywhere plus pretty artwork thanks to my children (how sad it will be when the day comes that they don't want to draw pictures for the refrigerator anymore). So I decided that a ribbon board would be the answer. The wall over my computer is bare, so it's the perfect spot since I can see them from the kitchen and enjoy them while I'm computing too.

To make the ribbon board, I started with a base of 1/4" plywood from DH's wood shop (it measures about 2' long by 3.5' wide ~ just a scrap that he had in there and the perfect size for the wall). I took some thin batting I had and covered the front of the plywood and stapled it to the back with my staple gun. Then I used a piece of fabric from my scrap box that had grape vines all over it (coordinates with my kitchen) and covered the front in the same manner as I did the batting and stapled it to the back. Once the wood was covered, I divided the board into sections and secured ribbon 1/4" ribbon across the board in a diagonal fashion (secured to the back via more staples). Unfortunately I have run out of ribbon, so I must make a run to Joann's later so I can finish the board. Once all the ribbons are secured, I will hot glue buttons onto the front where the ribbons intersect each each to cover the staples I used to secure each little "X". And just like that I will have a really cheap ribbon board! The cost of this baby will be the price of a spool of ribbon and maybe a package of buttons if I don't have enough in my stash. Pretty good considering Pottery Barn Kids wants $59 for one half the size! I will post a picture of mine as soon as it's finished.

In other news, my last post (albeit 9 months ago) was about my favorite financial expert Dave Ramsey. I'm so excited to say that we are almost DEBT FREE (except for our house which will hopefully be paid off fairly soon - maybe 5ish years from now)! We paid off my van a few weeks ago (it has never driven so good by the way! LOL) and will have DH's truck paid off before the end of June. Becoming debt free hasn't come without much sacrifice tho, but I can hardly wait until we only have a house payment and our regular utitlity payments every month ~ it will be so wonderful to have no consumer debt or automobile loans - woo hoo! :-)

I guess that is it for now. I have been busy sewing lately. I made my oldest son a new pair of jean from an Ottobre magazine and myself a knit top from New Look, a swirl skirt from Butterick, a twist top from Simplicity, and an awesome wrap dress from Burda World of Fashion. You can peek at my reviews at Pattern Review to see photos and detailed information about the garments.

Until next time!

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Kris C. said...

I'm totally with you on just trying out the world of blogging without knowing whether anyone is reading. My blog is exactly the same way. :)