Friday, May 25, 2007

Easy Ice Cream Dessert

Yesterday three friends and their children came over for an evening visit. I've known these gals all my life and we try our best to get together regularly even tho we all don't live in the same town anymore. Between us we have 11 children and thankfully they all get along well and enjoy playing together.

We had a simple meal of sandwiches, chips, potato salad, and a yummy dessert I made from the most recent issue of Kraft Food & Family Magazine called Oreo & Fudge Ice Cream Cake ~ talk about delish and super easy! It was a hit with the ladies and definitely something I'd make again. For an added touch, I sprinkled crushed Oreo cookies on the top before I froze it. I also think it would be just as tasty if you just spread plain Cool Whip between the ice cream sandwhich layers instead of the fudge mixture. I got DH's approval too, but what's not to love about the combo of chocolate and vanilla????

I didn't finish my ribbon board yet. Went to both Joann's & Wal-Mart looking for the ribbon and found none. My sister suggested I try Michael's, so I will go there when I'm out on errands today and hopefully find a match.

As much as Wal-Mart drives me bonkers, I did happen to see a black slinky there on the bargain table for $1/yd. I took the rest of the bolt and hopefully it will wash up nice. My ex-step-brother (can you follow that?) is getting married in July, and I found the perfect dress to make using the fabric. It's an evening wedding and at the country club, so I want to look swanky. Here is the pattern I have in mind, but will wait until the pattern goes on sale, hopefully within the next few weeks. It's Vogue 8368 ~ I will make view A (the red version).


Anonymous said...

That dress looks like it will make up fabulously in slinky. I hope you get the pattern!

Mary said...

Love the dress! I think it will be fabulous. The dessert sounds -- and looks -- totally yummy. I need to go brush my teeth so I don't start snacking this late! LOL!