Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disney with Yvonne (finally)

You know how it goes, you have the best of intentions, but life just gets in the way. Last week I decided to buck up and weed the flower beds. What I'm not telling you is that they were really "weed beds" and any sort of plant/shrub was sparse. So my little "weeding" extravaganza turned into a full fledged yard makeover that is still in progress. It has needed to be done for a long time - we moved into our home 8 years ago and my recommendation is put a landscape budget in if you're building a home. We didn't and here we are still working things out plus we still don't have a deck (hopefully this summer, but that is a whole different story that requires engineering and a whole lotta $$).

Anyway, finally here are a few pictures from our recent trip to California. My family had a wonderful time and the icing on the cake for me was finally getting to meet Yvonne. We've been emailing each other for about 3 years now and I knew we'd just get along wonderfully and enjoy each other's company. So our two days in Disneyland were spend with her and her fabulous hubby (whom my family also adored and my boys were constantly grabbing his hand and pulling him along in the direction they wanted to go). The only downfall was we only had two days to spend together. We were all sad when they had to leave for their flight back to Australia, but were so happy for the time we had together. Thank you Yvonne and Robert for sharing your vacation with us - we enjoyed your company more than you'll ever know!

Me & Yvonne

My Darling Hubby & me

Mickey and friends!

Sharing a drink

The entire family on the Pier in San Francisco

I wish I had a few more group pictures to share, but photographing four kids together and having them all looking at the camera is next to impossible.

I started a sewing project last Friday, but of course it was interrupted by *Project Landscape*, so the pattern is still laying on my cutting table. I was really inspired when I saw Christina's blouse at PR weekend. It's such a cute and unique blouse, so I decided that would be my next project. It's #106 from the 3/2009 issue.

During the Pati Palmer seminar at PR weekend, I was inspired to really try to address my fit issues when sewing. So for this top, I have graded down to a 34 (hello Burda, would you start making all things start at a 34 - it's just dumb that not everything starts that small). I had my hubby measure my back width and found my back is 14.25" wide so like Marta shared with me last fall, I need to do about a 1/2" broad back adjustment and that is true with Burda's size chart too. So I made a broad back adjustment and tried on my pattern. I found that I still needed to go out in the hips (I figured I would), so I graded out to a 36 in the hips and also implemented a forward shoulder adjustment. The pattern appears to be fitting well, so I'm going to cut it out in fabric and see where it gets me. Fingers crossed I'm happy with the result.


Jeannine said...

Oh, you guys look like you had a blast. I cannot wait to go to Disneyland. Too bad that the kids are still so small, and hubby is away. It is only 5 hours away. I hope we get there before we move. Anyways, I hope you had a ton of fun, and that blouse looks great. I am experimenting with my first blouse this week too. I will let you know how it goes.

Lori said...

What a fun time you had, it shows in the picture. Can't wait to see your BWOF blouse.

Christina said...

I am officially starting the forward shoulder adjustment now too - glad to be part of the same club as you!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Now that I have the SBA and swayback down I should probably add another adjustment to the mix, but I'm not quite ready to deal!

Jacqui said...

What fun!!! How cool that you got to visit SF, too.

Ruth said...

I bought this issue--my first Burda ever--specifically for this drawstring blouse pattern. I've not yet started it. Be sure to post lots of pictures of your progess (please). : )

Vonnevo said...

Sharing those two days with you and your family at DL, was fabulous. What fun we had !!!!
Robert and I have precious memories and a few hundred photos too !

Gigi said...

What a fun trip! I stopped my Burda WOF subscription because fewer and fewer things start at 34. It's just aggravating! I really like Knipmode and most of the styles do start in my size.