Friday, May 29, 2009


It's *sew* fun getting goodies in the mail. I have gotten several things recently and wanted to share.

The top row of five fabrics is something I won in a giveaway from Yvonne at Color In Your Life (she owns a great online shop Bunte Fabrics that stocks lovely European and Japanese fabrics for children, Euro patterns, and lots more - plus she's in Washington State). I haven't ordered anything from her yet, but when the need arises, I will definitely buy from her. The fabrics she sent are gorgeous and while I'm not sure what I'm going to make with them yet, you can bet that it will be something adorable and probably for my second cousin's little sweetie who turns one next month.

Then I got a surprise package from an online friend who lives in Canada (hi Abi!). She sent me two magazines - a La Mia Boutique from Nov 2008 and then Patrones Ninos #277.

Lastly, I won Patrones Joven #279 that Marita of Paradise for Me was giving away in a drawing on her blog.

I've gotten to look at a few of the international magazines before, but to have some in my hands that are mine is soooo much fun! What eye candy. Yes the fact I can't read the directions is a bit scary, but it's not enough to sway me from trying. Thanks for the gifts ladies, know they will be loved and cherished by me. :-)

Then of course after getting my own personal Jalie fashion show and the ability to try on Emilie's clothing (thanks Emilie!!!), I had to buy three new Jalie patterns. Here is what I ordered:

I didn't try on the pants (#2909), but Emilie was wearing them and they are adorable! I think I will like them a lot, plus they are cut like the jeans which are amazing. I really liked the new crossover top too. I'm a fan of the old one, but the new one is a little longer and has a cute collar you can use. I was sold after I tried on Emilie's top (which is the green one shown on the pants pattern).


BConky said...

Love getting treasures in the mail. I won a Patrones too. I have not tried it yet but want to soon. I just started a sewing blog come take a look.

Jacqui said...

What a great batch of goodies! I think I'm going to order the slacks and top Jalies, too. I'm waiting for the cream colored top she was wearing to Fri's dinner to come out as well. They're such great patterns.

Susan said...

What a great package of goodies!

gwensews said...

You hit the jackpot! Have fun with all those new toys!

Nancy W. said...

I love getting fabric and magazines in the mail. You got some great finds. And I love those top patterns. I want to get them too.

Farmer Kim said...'re gonna need a bigger mailbox! Now if you show up at my house in those cool jeans I may have to scream. I haven't sewn for weeks due to my outside 'chores'. OK, you've inspired me, maybe I'll make Grace something new to wear to Alex's graduation...I said maybe! Kim