Thursday, December 20, 2007

Come for a ride on the Gingerbread Train!

It's finished! To be honest, I was actually kicking myself that I suggested to the kids we make a Gingerbread Train (I usually buy a kit at Costco for the house which is WAY easier since everything is ready to go). I saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine last Christmas and clipped the article out. I promised we'd make it once school let out for Christmas vacation and holding true to my promise I made the dough Tuesday night so we could make the train Wednesday. We got off to a rocky start with my rolling pin handle breaking so we waited for Grandma to come over and bring her rolling pin so we could get the dough all cut and baked. Then this morning I assembled the train and the kids went hog wild decorating it. I turned out to me much more fun than I anticpated and I'd really like to have the Gingerbread Train become a tradition we do every year. And keeping my post "sewing" related, I covered a cardboard bolt from the fabric store with tin foil for the base for the train. :-) Click on the above link if you'd like the instructions on how to make your own train, it really is easy, just more time consuming than buying a kit at the store.

P.S. Okay I'm really a huge dork - I just see now that online they have templates you can print out for the train and here I had my ruler out drawing all the pieces yesterday - well that makes it WAY easier! LOL


Lori said...

Oh, my gosh, that train is incredible. I am so impressed.

Melissa said...

Ahhh thanks Lori, it really was fun to make and wasn't hard at all.

Rhoto said...

That's so C-U-T-E!! What a nice, fun time now--and, to think, a neat, new tradition!! Did Grandma play, too??
You're the BEST Mom, Melissa!!
Soft hug,

Melissa said...

Oh Rhonda, you're so sweet! Nope, Grandma didn't help, she just "supervised" while I rolled out the dough yesterday. ;-)

katherine h said...

Fabulous effort! Are you on a sugarhigh after all that decorating? I can't make these sorts of things...I blame the heat and humidity here, but I suspect it has more to do with my lack of patience. Well done!