Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I finished my McCall's 5471 blouse yesterday. Overall I've very pleased with how it came out. I had a little trouble with the collar and stand, but it was actually my first time making a collar & stand (all the others have had a collar only) so really I can't expect perfection (tho I always want it!). The directions for the blouse were very well written, so no problems there, just my novice-ness getting in the way and possibly the fact I was trying to work on it while a bored preschooler was being a twit! ;-) I also liked that the pattern had separate cup sizes - A/B, C, & D (it's McCall's Make For You line). It does confuse me a bit that there aren't separate ones for both A & B since there is a big difference between an A & B cup (ask me how I know!). So I had to alter the bust area a bit to accommodate me, but it really went together very smoothly. I posted a review on Pattern Review.

Also, I made two aprons last Friday for my mom & sister's upcoming birthdays. I entered them in the Pattern Review Holiday/Gift sewing contest. A new apron is always a welcome gift and since my mom and sister haven't received one in a long time, I figured it would be much appreciated. I used my TNT apron pattern that is my late grandma's. I posted a review last year on PR, so if you'd like to read it, here it is ~ apron review.

I'm not sure what is next up. I have a few things I'm toying with and Jack is in desperate need of pants again. Suddenly he only has two pairs in his closet, ugg! So the good mommy would sewing him at least one pair of pants first, right????


christina said...

Your blouse looks fabulous. I did my first collar & stand this year too, using BWOF directions! Not perfect, but good enough. I just picked up David Coffin's book, Shirtmaking, from the library, specifically so I could read up on how to sew collars & collar stands.

stacy said...

I love the new blouse! I agree with the whole collar and stand issue. I went through that last year and had some problems. I'll have to take christina's advice and check out David Coffin's book!

randi---i have to say said...

I love the blouse! I wish I was better at sewing clothes, but they never seem to come out as cute as this!