Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And all is well with the world!

My sister and brother-in-law came and got the boys a little bit ago and all is well. They felt so bad that we had to deal with the finger incident, but of course were not mad (actually they kept laughing about the whole thing and saying accidents happen). And they were reassured all was okay when they saw "A" perfectly happy and no worse for the wear. He was excited to show them his "big finger" and he new pink medicine (antibiotic prescription). My sister did say she was happy I didn't tell her on the phone because she would have wanted to come back. So it turned out I did the right thing by not telling them and all is fine. I knew it would be, but since her kids are younger than mine, she hasn't experienced as many bumps and bruises as we have (or even stitches yet), so I just wasn't quite sure how she'd take her baby being hurt (well not the technical "baby", but one of her babies). So atlas I can sleep peacefully tonight knowing my sister knows and also for the fact I won't have a stuffy baby down that hall who can't breathe and keeps thrashing around in his playpen because he's can't breathe well. In other words, I'm going to sleep like a rock tonight. :-)

P.S. Thank you ladies for your sweet words yesterday, I appreciate your kindness while I was freaking out! ((hugs))


Lovely said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leora Louise said...

Glad you sister wasn't upset. She probably needed a break and was grateful for your help!