Friday, May 02, 2008

Bad bad blogger

Well the title says it all, I've been a bag blogger. Last Wednesday I was diagnosed with yet another case of strep throat. I'm guessing it was a relapse of the original one, but nonetheless, I was feeling pretty crummy. I'm much better now and hopefully it's gone for good.

Then last weekend, my family went to my sister's house to celebrate my nephew's 4th birthday! It was a fun time, but went by too quick since it was just overnight. Too bad she lives so far (well not that far, but 2 1/2 hours one way is just far enough that it's a long "day" trip).

I'm starting to get a little sewing mojo back - I've just felt uninspired for the past little bit. Thankfully Pattern Review had a new contest start yesterday (May 1) that is perfect to kick start me, the Mini Wardrobe contest. I've always wanted to participate in the big wardrobe (aka SWAP - sewing with a plan) contest they have, but it pretty much makes me feel overwhelmed. This mini wardrobe contest consists of only four garments that mix & match and runs 1 month - I *think* I can handle that. Plus it would be a good starting point to get me motivated to enter the big wardrobe contest next time it runs.

So what are you working on this weekend - anyone have any plans? Tell tell, do tell - please help motivate me! :-)


Birgitte said...

Hi Melissa!
You know, I was just thinking the same thing (mini wardrobe) last night. We're going to Chicago in September for a workshop, so I need a few pieces (in black of course!) Thinking to use silver embellishment so it'll go with my coat, jacket and boots:) Working on a knockoff of YSL blouse seen at YOOX here's the link (not sure how this will show up):
But don't hold me to it- just playing with the flowers at the moment :-)

stacysews said...

I hope you feel better soon - and get that mojo back completely! I have a little something to send off to you when I can make my way to the post office!

As for what I'm working on - still those cupcake pincushions!

Sherril said...

Hi Melissa. You're so good to your family. I almost never sew for mine. It takes away from the me sewing. But, I love what you did with the free t-shirts for the kiddos. They turned out great.

Mom2fur said...

I'm so sorry to hear you got strep again. If you got antibiotics for it, be sure you finish them! Those sneaky germs can hide and jump back at you if you don't knock 'em down completely.

Mojo...well, today I'm working on my project notebook. This is where I list what needs to be finished. I making lists of what needs elastic, what needs buttons, where I have to put on bias tape, etc. I have 17,000 WIPs and I really do have to force myself to actually finish a few before I start anything new! (But, OMG, the cute spring prints are calling me...)
Just doing that 'last little bit' on a garment or two will keep me going. Do you have anything you can finish up? Hey, you could even cut apart patterns--it's still doing something, LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is so unfair!!! No more strep for you!

I was working on some original designs, and I also ordered a lot of fabric from new sources to stock up to open my shp (scary!)

I hope you feel better soon. I just ought the Built By Wendy knits book, so maybe I'll do that next weekend :)

Connie said...

Hey Melissa!
Sure hope you're feeling better by now. Strep Throat is the PITS..I had a girlfriend who got Strep way too many times. She had no kids to bring it home from school and give it to her. Doc asked her if she had a dog? She had a Doberman. Doc told her that dogs can carry the Strep infection and transfer it to humans! Ain't that somethin? I have no clue how much truth there is to that........she later had her tonsils out! End of the Strep!
I hope your sewing Mojo and Mojo in general is back up to par!
I'm up to my ears in the Vintage Sewing Contest............HORRIBLE fabric I chose BLEH!
Chat with you soon.

amy said...

Aww, man. Will it ever go away, lol!

I'm organizing my fabric and seeing what I need to make Grae & Ellie for summer. I love making them shorts because it's quick, easy, cheap and I don't care if they survive the summer. (the shorts, not the kids ;)