Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger lately. It just seems like it's been so busy around the house lately. I have been fairly productive sewing tho so that is good. I have no pictures to post today, but I promise to post some very soon (hopefully tomorrow!). I made a two of the kids' Halloween costumes this year. The line up for this Halloween is: a witch (Hattie) - she's wearing a dress-up dress that Grammie got her at a garage sale accompanied with a hat I got here for $1.50 at the grocery store. Jack is going to be a mad scientist (think Doc from Back to the Future); I made his lab coat. Will is dressing up like a baker/chef; I made him a cute chef hat & apron. And last, but not least, Andy is either going as a builder or a business man. Why is it still up in the air you might wonder? Because three year olds are complicated creators and who knows what his attitude will be at the time of departure! ;-)

In other sewing, I've made Jack & Andy a few shirts from Ottobre, Andy two new pairs of PJ's, and did a few repair jobs (oh joy, one was a zipper replacement, bleck!). As much as I want to sew for me, I have a few gifts I need to get out of the way for upcoming events so those will take place first, but I think they are quick enough that I can get them done without too much time to spare.

Have a wonderful & safe Halloween!

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